HAP 098 : Really Endgame

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Endgame lo!

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame has started showing. Have you watched it? Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 98 for a spoiler-free review!

What did we do last weeeeeeeek??

Z1 and Y1 watched Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. Here’s a summary but definitely listen to the podcast! Please listen to the podcast! ?

Avengers: Endgame – Review Summary

So how did the wrap up to the 11 years of Marvel Universe fared?

  • Visuals are well done
  • Not too draggy
  • A lot of callbacks for people who follow the movies in the Marvel Universe

Definitely better than Tom Cruise’s Mummy.

  • Disappointed with some fight scenes
  • Some characters do not have as much screen time as the others
  • Overall satisfying to watch
  • Movie pacing is good

I expected the ending to be something like this.


Overall, it is highly recommended to watch if you already followed the Marvel Universe timeline movies. If you did not, go watch Infinity War first.

Other stuff we did last weeeeeeeek ?

Went to Batam City Walk during the long weekend. “Not too far away and not too expensive.” Features a kids-friendly theme park! ??
Went to the most happening place in Singapore right now – Jewel Changi Airport ?
Ate at A&W. Prepare to queue. Four hours ?
Went to Pokemon Center Singapore. Also need to queue ?
Experiencing his own endgame situation ?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Toyota made a robot that can do a 3-pointer. Basically an over-designed catapult ??
  2. Remember OpenAI’s Dota bot? Now they defeated 99.4% of public matches ??

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter and better. Makes you think about life in general. Bringing us back to… endgame.