HAP 097 : Immersive Zombie Virtual Reality Gaming

HAP 097 : Immersive Zombie VR Gaming

Virtual reality & Gaming – Absolutely fun to play!

We had an awesome time experiencing virtual reality gaming at Sandbox VR. It’s very different from the VR experiences we tried before. There are no wires attached to us. Truly free roaming!

This episode is all about us playing the Deadwood Mansion game in Sandbox VR. Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast episode 97 to get more details!

Behind the scenes

All of us agreed it was a fun and great experience.

Must try once!

There are discounts available via Fave and Safra. So gather your friends and experience it yourself. The videos and photos provided make the $45 totally worth it. So go try it!


Sandbox VR
Orchard Central
#05-31, 181 Orchard Road