HAP 094 : Hong Kong Traveling Guide

HAP 094 : Hong Kong Traveling Guide

Going Places

Y1 went to the land of the Young and Dangerous and Z1 went to the land of Kimchi. Really going places! Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 94!

What did we do last weeeeeeeek? ????

Went to Hong Kong for the first time ever! ????????
Got tips on how to buy avocados in Singapore ????
The envy of all Middle Class. Is currently in the land of Kimchi! Literally Gangnam styling! ????????

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ????

  1. More rebates for the Middle Classes in Singapore !????????????????‍♂️????
  2. The owner of this mannequin head hanging out of a window; probably has an issue ????

Let’s live our lives better. Remember to 帮帮忙* our fellow middle classes ????

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