HAP 090 : Luckier Than Marie Kondo

HAP 090 : Luckier Than Marie Kondo

Do you spark joy? Maybe you need to get rid of your own self. ?We are back to three! Back to normal Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 90!

What did we do last weeeeeeeek? ?

His turn to watch the movie How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. As expected, he likes it! More epic! ??
As a big fan of Marie Kondo, he finally watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix ??
Continued playing Astroneer. This time he got himself to the central core of the planet. Then died ?
How the hell did he got here?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Ever heard of the Oscars Awards? Well it just passed. Best picture went to a movie we never even heard of ?
  2. An iceberg as big as Singapore is breaking apart off of Antarctica. No one is worried though ?

Lucky Number of the Week! ?


This week’s lucky number was picked by Y1! This is his first random number. What a number! ?

Should try. Buy but don’t expect to win.


If win I think I need to donate all to charity to minimize my damages.


The Question of the Week ⁉️

How do you clean your balcony windows? Is it possible? Without falling off the building?