HAP 074 : Gintama 2 Hapapapapapap Review

HAP 074 : Hapapapapapap Gintama2 Review

Gintama 2 Review!

Wow! In this episode, we have a special fan review of Gintama 2 courtesy of Z1! Even before the movie comes out! Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 74 for more!

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek? ?

Found out about the HAPAPAP song: Zion.T – 노래(THE SONG) All the way from South Korea, YG! ??You must click this exact link ?
Watched a special fan preview of the upcoming Gintama 2 movie! ?
If you like the first Gintama movie or if you just like Gintama, you should watch it!
(This is the episode that the 2nd movie was based on: Gintama The Best of Shogun 2016)
To the enthusiastic Gintama cosplayer fan who was excited at the theatre, good for you! ?
Something for the middle classes for the coming holidays: Best Kids’ Activities for December School Holidays in Singapore For Every Budget (2018) ?‍?‍?‍?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Mobility scooter exploded even when not charging! ??This is dangerous!
    (Note: This is not the same house as that exorcist auntie)
  2. Monkey wants to fly first class in Changi ?✈️
    Is this the same monkey that took a bus to Sentosa? ??We’ll never know ?
    Is it the same money??
  3. Japanese princess Ayako gives up royal status to marry a commoner ???? Rejoice! Middle classes got hope!