HAP 064 : Go Go Get Lost Feng Shui!

HAP 064 : Go Go Get Lost Feng Shui

What do you call Feng Shui gone wrong?

Simple: #failshui or #fengfail ?Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast episode 64 for more Feng Shui tips!

What did we do the last week

There was a public holiday this week hence Middle Class was ‘occupied’
Heard some Company applied ‘Feng Shui’ to their office layout but nothing changed #failshui #fengfail
Excited about Dead or Alive 6 ?
Watched Lost in Space, an old, boring sci-fi show
Found out Netflix has an updated 2018 TV series version of Lost in Space after he watched the boring old version

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed

  1. OMG ? Radioactive device missing! Only in Malaysia
  2. Power Rangers are swapping colours! (Billy still is uncool though) Plus check out all the Power Rangers costumes over the years! So 90s cool!