HAP 062 : Singapore Esports Chip Labour

HAP 062 : Singapore Esports Chip Labour

Singapore Esports – Competitive Gaming

There were many Singapore esports events in Singapore last week but none of them was any good.

I feel a bit sad for the esports scene in Singapore Z1

In the end, Z1 just watched streaming matches from EVO Champion Series. Whats the problem? Z1 objectively breaks down the problem of these events.

Listen to this episode of HAPAPAP Podcast to get the low down.

Interesting things last week

After our great review last week, we unanimously took a break by not doing much last week ?

  1. Did you catch Mission Impossible: Fallout? Extend your experience with this behind the scenes footage from the movie ?
  2. Speaking of esports competitive gaming, Tekken 7 introduced AMCs The Walking Dead character Negan! What???‍♂️?‍♀️
  3. Are robots taking over middle classes’ jobs? China is already replacing waiters with robots! And they have lots of people there! ???
  4. PVP coming to Pokemon Go by the end of the year! ⚔️