HAP 058 : Coco Ant Man Fries Pierce Aircon Underwear

HAP058 : Coco Ant Man Fries Pierce Aircon Underwear

A1 missed the recording again! Body clock spoilt! But don’t worry the show must go on in Episode 58 of HAPAPAP Podcast! Summer is here, start blasting your aircon. No aircon? Feel the aircon in your pants! ?

What did we do the last week? ?

Watched Coco at home! (A show about the 7th Month. In Mexico ?) ??
Watched Ant-Man and the Wasp. A superhero family show. Listen to his review! ???
Went to Cosfest XVII: Reunite at Downtown East. Lots of cosplayers! Some good, some bad, some… ?
Baked Starbucks Cookies because he cannot afford Starbucks ??
Attempted to fix his body clock but everything gone wrong ⏰?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Super French Fry cracked a train’s window! Only in Japan! ????
  2. Real Mission Impossible in Thailand ⛰?‍♂️??
  3. Feel the Aircon in your Pants! Wow! Cool breathable Ultra Thin and Super Light ?

Other Stuff

Xian Dan Chao Ren

Have you heard? Netflix is making an Ultraman anime series coming out in 2019! Looks awesome. But looking back at Death Note, A1 is worried.

Tom Cruise Action Figure

We found out about the this Mission Impossible figurine while googling for Ethan Hunt. Wow, this thing actually looks good! That’s Mr Tom Cruise for you!