HAP 056 : oBike Scam SAF Day

HAP 056 : oBike Scam SAF Day

The National oBike Scam

Were you affected by the oBike deposit fiasco? A1 is one of them and it seems we won’t be getting back our money! Outrageous! Calm down and listen to HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 56!

What did we do the last week? ?

Played family basketball at the basketball court ?
Watched a movie no one heard of before: 47 Metres Down. Stars Mandy Moore. Unexpectedly good ??
Busy basking in success! ??‍?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. People fighting over toilet urinal in Aljunied. Got so urgent or not???‍♂️?
  2. My $49 oBike deposit is gone! This is a national scam! ??

SAF Day 2018

SAF Day is here again. Remember last year they let us ride the public transportation for free? Happy times. What good promotions do they have for us this time?

Check them out here at the official site:

If you have a Safra card, you can browse them all here:

This article supposedly lists out the top 10 deals from the SAF Day promotions; so we went through the list one by one. Listen to the podcast to see if they are really that great.