HAP 055 : Father’s Day Where Is My House

HAP055 : Father's Day Where Is My House

Here’s a belated Father’s Day wish for the forgotten fathers #respect

Did anyone realised last week was Father’s Day? ?
Did you spend quality time doing nothing with your Father?
Did you forget? How could you!
But it’s okay everyone else ‘forgot’ too.

What did we do the last week? ?

Reassessed his financial standing, in relation to his house; with his wife. Dark humour coming up ???
Eat. Breathe. Sleep. Watch Youtube and fixed Gunpla! What bliss! ??Z1's Gunpla!
Found out Mario Party is coming to the Nintendo Switch. No choice now really must buy ??

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Water discovered on the moon may be enough to sustain a colony! What bullshit! ??
  2. KFC Singapore stops providing plastic caps and straws for drinks! What a great initiative Eco-Friendly KFC! Your move now McDonald’s! ??
  3. Proclaimed to be the most effective way of self-cleaning your air conditioner. Is this still effective? Can trust or not? ?❄️

Interesting Stuff

Bleach Live Action Movie Trailer is out!

The most important question: Is Orihime Inoue inside this movie??

Pokemon Go Update

You can soon trade in Pokemon Game!

Why not buy Let’s Go Pikachu as well to complement your life?