HAP 053 : Middle Class Old Man Middle Class Red Panda

HAP 053 : Middle Class Old Man Middle Class Red Panda

Middle Class Problems

This week we talk about a movie about a middle class who became a cyborg, a middle class office lady from Sanrio and our own middle class Y1 goes back to Taiwan for a holiday!

Surprisingly Good

What did we do the last week? ?

Watched Inuyashiki, a live-action adaptation of the anime of the same name. Not to be confused with Inuyasha. A1 can’t seem to get into the mood to watch this movie ??but Z1 says it is watchable ??
Not to be left out, A1 watched Deadpool 2 as well. Highly entertaining. Go watch. (After you watch Deadpool) ?⚔️
Started a pointless crusade of watching all Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli anime movies. Starting with the worst: Gedo Senki / Tales from Earthsea. It’s not bad! (A1: Please watch the Japanese version. You are welcome) ??
Currently recharging in Taiwan ???Living the life while he still can!

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Sanrio for Adults: Aggretsuko! Go watch it! Especially if you work in an office. Something good from Sanrio! ???

Something worth Sharing

Have you seen the Marvel’s Spider-Man game for PS4? It’s amazing! Go watch it! It’s 9 minutes long and it’s free! ?