HAP 047 : The Scientific Subconscious Showman

The Scientific Subconscious Showman

Are you aware of your subconscious mind?

They say your subconscious mind brings out the best in you. By realizing your subconsciousness it will bring out the real you. The better side or the greatness in you. Do you agree? Something to wonder, as we grow older.

Y1 subconsciously created something with his own hands this week. His wife, however, begged to differ and pointed out the truth. Find out more in this week episode of HAPAPAP Podcast!

What did we do the last week? ?

Went on a subconscious life trip. Very deep. Starts with a lego block. Ends with a toilet bowl. ??
Watched Ouijia: Origin of Evil. Surprisingly good, better than expected ??
  • Watched Persepolis: a coming of age story of an Iranian girl during war times ???
  • Also watched The Greatest Showman: a musical about the circus; loosely based on a real story, starring Wolverine ???

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ???‍???‍?

This week, all the news we individually chose had something to do with science. Probably because it was Earth day last week.

  1. Scientists find a way to bend and stretch diamond ?No, not the ones in the sky. Real diamonds.
  2. Scientists accidentally produce an enzyme that devours plastic. Finally, something good comes out of science. Accidentally ♶
  3. New cannabis drug can help treat seizures. If approved. ??

Question of the Week

Is it true that as you grow older your appetite gets smaller?