HAP 046 : K2 Hwayugi Rampage Cheating Ah Ma

K2 Hwayugi Rampage Cheating Ah Ma

Middle Classes on a Rampage!

Just kidding! Middle classes will never go on a rampage. They too busy working ?They can however go and watch the movie or play the arcade game. Even better, listen to Z1‘s review of the movie! ?All 3 of us are back in Episode 46 of HAPAPAP Podcast with a variety of topics to discuss! Start listening!

What did we do the last week? ?

  • Began transition into becoming a temporary house-husband ??‍♂️
  • Read a real book from the library! Remember the ones you had to flip the pages? It’s called K2: Buried in the Sky ?
  • Still carrying on his no-cleaning strike ?‍♂️ ?
  • Watched Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey. Journey to the West characters, set in modern South Korea ??????
Watched Rampage, a movie based on an arcade game featuring the Rock ??He seems to like it. Just switch off your brain he said ?? Have you played the game before?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Hong Kong student thinks out of the box: hacked into professor’s email account to get exam questions. Brilliant ???
  2. 90-year-old Ah Ma gets up at 4 am every day to sell wanton mee ??Now a bit worried. At 90 years old, will we be able to even stand up? ?
  3. Fake messaging apps could compromise your Android phone ?Sorry but what’s new about this news again? ?
  4. Singapore tutor helped China students cheat in O-level exams with Bluetooth devices and earphones ㊙️

Rampage the Arcade game

We mentioned the Rampage movie was based on an old arcade game. So A1 tried to find the game and play through emulation. But guess what? There’s an even better solution. You can play it in your browser! Best thing is that it’s hosted on the official movie website!

To celebrate the movie release of Rampage, Warner Bros. made a website where you can play the original Rampage arcade game for free in your browser. Get rampaging!