HAP 045 : Itch Flatline Sam Rui LEGO

Itch Flatline Sam Rui LEGO

Do you have an itch?

The start of April is slow so it’s a short episode this week! Z1 reverted back to ‘Eat, Breathe, Sleep’. A1 watched two shows and Y1 is busy! By the way, how do you relieve your itch? We stumbled across a damn weird news that will cause butterflies in your stomach, or in this case your groin. Still itchy? ?

What did we do the last week? ?

Watched Flatliners. Also watched The Hitman Bodyguard at a TCM clinic without sound. ?Final Tip: Do watch it with sound.
Eat. Breathe. Sleep.

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Local singer Sam Rui had to ask Ultra Singapore for her performance fee herself… 10 months later ??Jerks.
  2. Man hospitalised after inserting a 1-meter long cable into the penis to relieve an itch ??WTF.
  3. World record Lego cherry blossom tree in Japan ?

Good Deal

Remember our cheapest Milo packets find? We have a good price update. 48 x 200ml Milo UHT packs for $22.90!

Oops. Seems like the offer has expired. Still cheaper than retail though ?

One Last Thing

Out of curiosity, we checked Sam Rui’s works out. Here’s one of her song titled Better. It actually sounds good! World class!

the music good
her voice is judgemental down to preference
but i like lol

her voice…. almost chipmunk
lucky not that bad
still ok