HAP 044 : GST Ready Player One

GST Ready Player One

Are you ready player one?

A long weekend is always a great thing. How did you spend yours? Y1 went for a picnic, A1 totally wasted it and Z1 watched two movies including Ready Player One. Listen to his review in HAPAPAP Episode 044! And did you receive your GST coucher yet? ?

What did we do the last week? ?

Went to the beach and picnic! ?️Shiawase desu~
Decided to stop cleaning and nua ?Also read up about the Open Electricity Market ⚡️?Does anyone have any recommended providers?
Watched Pacific Rim Uprising (trailerand Ready Player One (trailer) ?Z1 not impressed, still preferring the Mazinger Z movie over these two movies. What went wrong?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. You can now buy shadow boyfriends! ???Good idea, wonder if they got other shadow shapes…
  2. April GST Voucher Rebate is here! ?Middle Classes rejoice! This is the type of news that keeps us alive! Hopefully, they won’t charge us double next month ??
  3. Helping dyslexic students with role-playing games ?Z1 can totally relate to this. His English apparently sucks but it improved tremendously after playing Magic: The Gathering. Or you can play the Table Top Simulator ?Anyways, this guy clever. Can teach and earn money, while still playing a game. Lihai! ??

Word of the Day


Hokkien Dialect term that closely resembles ‘bum’, ‘slacker’ and the’lazy’. A physical change of state.


I just stayed at home and nua over the weekend.

We are not talking about this NUA.
We too nua to even think about that ?

One Last Thing

We found a great website to share with you guys: Urban Plate.
They have great recipes for vegetarian meals. The ingredients are easy to find and the recipes themselves are do-able even for middle classes like us.

To all vegetarians out there (including you Y1), please have a look and try these out! Stop eating Chap Chye Peng once in a while. Mock meat + more curry! Til when you want to eat like this?! ?

Even if you are not a vegetarian, have a look!