HAP 043 : Uber & Grab Promo Code To Tian Gong Mazinger Z

Uber & Grab promo code To Tian Gong Mazinger Z

Will we still have Grab promo code or not?!

Did you hear about Uber selling to Grab? We can’t say its bad or good but the main point is will we still have Grab promo code for our rides or not!? Don’t tell us we have to take the crowded MRT again? ??

What did we do the last week? ?

Watched Tomb Raider and Mazinger Z: Infinity ?Plus why he doesn’t like going to Philippines ????
Did not do anything but caught Olaf’s Frozen Adventure unwillingly ⛄
His wife found about about Eatigo ?? Oh oh. Already must Grab, now must Eatigo ?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Tiangong is falling! ??Will it burn out in the sky or will it hit your newly built BTO flat? ?️
  2. Uber sells South East Asia’s operations to Grab ??No more Grab promo codes!?
  3. Crazy scientist build his own rocket and blasted off! ??‍?

One Last Thing

Z1 recommends watching Mazinger Z: Infinity, the movie sequel to anime Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. He wholeheartedly recommends it over Pacific Rim. Never head of Mazinger?

If you think Pacific Rim got giant robot fight monster, this one got giant robot fight monster one thousand times.