HAP 041 : Early Man FMA Pee in Coffee Bottle

Early Man FMA Pee in Coffee Bottle

Are you an early Man?

It’s the March school holidays in Singapore this week! Y1 the Family man is flooded with school holiday activities so he is not in this week episode. Not to worry, Z1 the Sceptic man and A1 the Lost man, are around to carry on the show in HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 41! What about you, what type of man are you? An early man or are you a Wo-man? ?Get it? wo-man? ?

What did we do the last week? ?

Did not watch Lara Croft nor Red Sparrow but he watched Early Man instead ?
Watched Fullmetal Alchemist for 15 minutes. Decided to continue watching One Piece instead ?
Currently engaged in March School Holidays Activities ?‍?‍?‍?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Coffee shop bribery failed. Heng Heng! ☕️?
  2. Google Infographic. Some interesting information about Google you never knew ?
  3. You might want to check on your water bottle. This sick guy peed in his co-worker’s water bottle ??
  4. ?Health Hazard Products Alert! Do check if you are using any of these! One of it has 7,000 times the amount of mercury permitted! ☠️

Word of the Day

Chao Keng

Hokkien. Literally means smelly fake.
To act/pretend to be busy in order to avoid doing something for selfish reasons

Usage Example
This guy always chao keng, when got work to do he always says he got a stomachache.