HAP 038 : Play During Lunar New Year

HAP038 : Play During Lunar New Year

By the time this podcast episode is live, it will be Lunar New Year eve! Here’s hoping you will have a happy reunion dinner with your families and loved ones! Happy Lunar New Year from us at HAPAPAP and enjoy your long weekend! Lots of luck for this Dog year!

What did we do the last week? ?

House chores and spring cleaning for the coming lunar new year!
Pondered on buying a Nintendo Switch
Pondered on going to Singapore Air Show. Still trying to finish Okami

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Scientists simulating Mars on Earth. What’s the point? Btw the place looks so similar to Star Wars)
  2. The French turned Kiasu over Nutella. Like animals!
  3. New telco Zero1 introduces unlimited mobile data plan. Is it any good?⚡️

Lunar New Year Red Packets!

Check out these beautiful red packets from Immersive Xperiences. They complement their upcoming game Lunar Tales and come with unique QR codes which you can use to win prizes! If can win, must try!

Words of the Week


Hokkien kia-soo
Grasping, selfish attitude. Competitive to the point of doing anything to just to win. Cannot bear to lose.
Literally means afraid to lose out.

Usage: John is so kiasu, he started queuing for the free movie tickets since last night.

Related word: Kiasee

Kiasu & Kiasee might sound similar but they have a definitive difference.

Kiasu: Scared to Lose
Kiasee: Scared to Die

So given these points, which camp are you in? Kiasu or Kiasee