HAP 037 : Taiwan Bubble Tea Better Than Singapore

HAP 037 : Taiwan Bubble Tea Better Than Singapore

Z1 apparently still misses Taiwan and their bubble teas. And the girls selling these bubble teas. ? Do you agree with us that their bubble tea tastes better than the one sold in Singapore?

Note: A1 forgot to put on his earpiece while recording this episode so it sounds like there are two Z1s talking. It gets better after a few minutes! Promise! Sorry for that! ?

What did we do the last week? ?

Z1 didn’t do any special thing last week so he talked about the two movies he watched in Taiwan.
Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel and 12 Strong ?. His verdict? Fate/Stay Night can watch. 12 Strong, better than Mummy. Listen to hear more of his conclusion though the question is why did he watch movies in the theatre while in Taiwan? ? Great Tip: Gold Class movie ticket in Taiwan is so much cheaper than in Singapore.
Tried Yoga and afterwards hates the downward-facing dog ??‍♂️?
Where is Y1? ?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. What a waste of curry! ? Y1 would be furious! ?
  2. New Star Wars movie? Already!? Didn’t we talk about a new Star Wars movie in HAP 030?

Other Stuff

Bubble Tea War

Gong Cha the famous bubble milk tea from Taiwan is back after being exiled by LiHo! So excited to try the new drinks. But it was super crowded so we decided to wait until the hype dies down. Just like what happened to LiHo ?. So watch out for our review!

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Wow. They really are back. #hapapap #liho #gongcha ?

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That’s it for HAPAPAP Episode 037! See you again next week!