HAP 036 : Taipei Game Show

Hap 036 : Taipei Game Show 2018

Z1 just came back from the Taipei Game Show 2018! Wow! Without a doubt, every single thing about the game show in Taiwan is better in comparison to Singapore. What the hell are we doing here? ?

What did we do the last week? ?

Fixed a computer ??
Looking for someone to install a number lock on his letterbox ?
Travelled around and went to the Taipei Game Show 2018 ???‍♀️

Highlights from the Taipei Game Show 2018

Thanks to Z1 for taking lots of photos ??‍♂️??

Suprise! Didn’t know the Lich King visited Taichung ?


News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Handheld device sequences human genome
  2. A 10-year-old boy with leukaemia used $31k treatment money on online game ???

Other Stuff

  1. The electricity tariff we spoke about before really did increase! A1‘s bill increased by 50%! How about yours?
  2. Arnolds Fried Chicken opens new outlet in Jurong! Awesome! A1 likes their buns ??
  3. Prosperity burger is back! Along with their twister fries. Right in time for the lunar new year! ?

We leave you with Z1‘s comment right after landing back to Singapore: