HAP 035 : Yellow Fever Little Miss Sunshine

Yellow. Somehow this week everything is related to the colour yellow. Y1 watched Little Miss Sunshine, a show from 2006, with his daughter. Then we found out yellow fever is spreading and killing people in Brazil! And finally why the hell is this website so full of yellow?? ?

Note: This episode is an experimental one for us and as a result is probably not the best episode to start listening to ?. Why not listen to last week’s episode HAP034 or choose any other episode?

What did we do the last week

Watched Little Miss Sunshine with his daughter
Dreamt he was a zombie apocalypse and cannot decide whether he should carry on surviving or just let it go
Travelling in Taiwan

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed

  1. Yellow Fever spreading!
  2. Singapore’s Gone in 60 seconds failed