HAP 032 : Need to work to pay fan bills

First podcast episode of 2018 and it’s packed with even more nonsensical life facts!

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek? ?

Went for an overseas trip during the holidays
Went to a carnival
Flipped a tabletop game (Psst. It’s on sale now)

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed

  1. RWS ceiling collapse and four police cars came
  2. Middle-classes are rejoicing since we are receiving utility rebate this month
  3. Time to change your ‘6666’ phone pin code


  1. Do you use more energy the higher your fan speed?
    got into a discussion regarding fan speed and electricity. The main point of the question is ‘Do I save more money by setting the fan at higher speed?’. Listen to 50:30 for Z1‘s detailed explanation.
  2. Did you know electricity tariffs will increase from January to March this year?
    So they gave us a rebate and then increase the price? Sneaky people. So is the increase only for these 3 months or does it carry on forever??


Finally, a quote from A1‘s sister to welcome 2018:

What to do? If we don’t go to work, we won’t get pay