HAP 030 : Star Wars Bread Maker Found Money

This week Y1 seems to have some fortune. What a good start to our milestone episode 30! Wow! Plus have a listen to our passionate Star Wars review by our in-house Star Wars fan Z1.

P.S: Listen to the end of the podcast for HAPAPAP Secret Segment. Z1‘s true review with spoilers!

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek?

Found some fortune and picked up money! Is it the leftover luck from 2017 or is it a loan from 2018 luck?
Watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi with passion!
Baked bread and looking to find a breadmaker

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Homeless man found a bigger fortune than Y1
  2. Psychologists found out playing games is good (obviously)
  3. Baby King Penguin hatched in Jurong Bird Park


EOY J-Culture Festival 2017

Z1 went to the End-of-Year event where they held it at Marina Barragethis year. He has this message to share with people going next year:
Come after 3. No sun. ☀️ ? Listen to the podcast to find out more!