HAP 023 : GT SPORT Missile Signal Chalet Pool of Poop

The weather has been very hot, please remember to drink lots of water, keep your mind open and listen to HAPAPAP Podcast!

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek

Played Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 and raced with triads
Went to a chalet,  found a ‘seashell’ and something else by the pool
Watched Korean drama Signal. So damn good.

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed

  1. Daughter literally cleared parents’ house
  2. Scientists discovered the obvious about the milky way
  3. Scientists found Star Gate in Saudi Arabia. Or maybe not.

Word of the Week

Lun / Tahan

Both means endure.
Lun (Hokkien)
Tahan (Malay)

“Wah this exercise so tough but I must lun/tahan!”