HAP 021 : Falling Blade Runner Zombies

This week we are in the twenties! Listen to the podcast to get Z1’s reviews on the two movies he watched over the week. The one we thought was good sucks and another one we thought sucked is actually good! The world really got something wrong! ?

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek ?

Fell down and sia suay.
Watched The Foreigner but felt so let down that he watched another movie, Blade Runner 2049.

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Genetically modified corn to contain amino acids found in meat ? ?
  2. Elderly man forced to drink coke at knifepoint WTF ?
  3. Zombies spotted in Singapore! ? ? ?

Word of the Week

Sia Suay

Embarrass (Hokkien) seah-sway

“Hur?! You fell down ah? So sia suay!”