HAP 017 : Ice Skating White Noise Burning Man Ghost Lobster IT

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek


Returned to ice skating despite being horrible at it, this time at Kallang. He seems to be doing better since he is falling 20% lesser than the previous time.

Speaking of ice skating we have a great idea! Podcast On Ice! What do you think? Anyone interested? Looking for sponsors ?


Mentions these upcoming movies but has no plan of watching them. Got so bad or not?

  1. American Made
  2. Cars 3
  3. IT 2017

Plus he is currently playing 7 Days to Die since they had a new update.


Received a great feedback from a listener. Our HAPAPAP Podcast is apparently a great white sound source. We’ll take it as a compliment and continue to do better! For the rest of you, you can’t find better white noise anywhere else. All the best to us! Fighting!

By the way, A1 really hopes the new IT movie will be good since he feels so bad for the.

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed

  1. Don’t drink omum water
  2. One Running Man went to Burning Man
  3. Ghost lobster found!
  4. Heavenly King blessed with a daughter?

Lucky Number of the Week