HAP 015 : Queen Elizabeth II and Blackhole Favourite Food

LiHo cheese, donation volunteers, a mini sponsorship for Y1 and a new motherfu… show. Do you want to eat the Queen’s favourite butter chicken? How about the cosmic jellyfish? Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast episode 15 to find out more!

What did we do last weeeeeeeek ?

A1: Finally drank LiHo Cheese & complaints about donation volunteers
Y1: Got something extra for his food. Thanks Auntie!
Z1: Watched The motherfuc… Hitman’s Bodyguard


News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Queen Elizabeth fave butter chicken in vending machine ??
  2. Black hole’s fave food not in vending machine ??
  3. Cannot siam summon auntie, now got new parking app ??‍♀️


  1. Yahoo News is more like tabloids, has no worthy news
  2. Cult classics being remade – IT, Bladerunner


Do not watch Attack of the Titans Live Action Movies. Watch the anime or read the manga instead.

Word of the Week

To avoid or get out of the way

“I want to siam tomorrow’s morning meeting!”

Not to be confused with Mee Siam