HAP 014 : Gintama OpenAI wins BTO

In episode 14 we talked about ice skating, the Gintama live action movie and the inevitable AI overlords!

The education system should introduce a BTO module or lessons. Introduce this at the secondary school level. They need to know! Look what happened to us! We didn’t know! ?

What did we do last weeeeeeeek? ?

Y1: Celebrate daughter’s birthday on ice
Z1: Watched Gintama and read about the OpenAI beating pro gamer in Dota2
A1: Tasted wasabi sushi flavoured peanuts from ValuShop ?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Singapore schools e-learning portal 2018? Feels like 2008 ?
  2. Hongkong livability ranking drops in ranks. Nothing to do with Singapore. ???
  3. Dinosaur missing link found ?
  4. Scientists now afraid of aliens coming to earth using the golden record ?‍???

News from Yahoo

(Experimental source)

  1. Hammering the HR ?‍??