HAP 012 : Charlize Theron Comic Con Burger

In episode 12 we talked about the blonde spy and horrible monsters, found the cheapest milo packs in Singapore and briefly talked about Comic Con and the Wonder Festival Summer 2017.

What did we do last weeeeeeeek ?

Z1: Watched Atomic blonde ⚛️?‍♀️
Y1: Ate at Swensen’s because 1️⃣-for-1️⃣
A1: ?Found the cheapest Milo packets, watched Mon Mon Mon Monster ? and went to Singapore Apple Store ?

We found the cheapest Milo packs in Singapore! ? #milo #cheapestintown #marketresearch

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News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Malaysia’s version of Nasi Lemak Burger? ?
  2. Craters are blowing out of Russia! ????
  3. Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer shows old Rick! ??


  1. Fave’s QQ Rice deal ?
  2. Comic Con
  3. Wonder Festival Summer 2017 ?‍♂️

Word of the Week!

Japanese Slang

  1. Language/Culture

    Meaning “short” or “midget.” Offensive when directed toward a person. Japanese equal of “shrimp” or “shortcake.”
  2. Anime/Manga
    A term used by anime/manga fans to refer to small and deformed characters. “Chibi” characters are often used to represent a form of cuteness and small characters.