HAP 011 : Summer Blockbuster talisman scam

We talked about 3 new movies that Z1 watched recently. Where is it cheapest to get Milo drinks and Nissin cup noodles? Have you eaten the highly raved about durian pizza? Listen to the HAPAPAP Podcast episode 11 to find out more!

What did we do last weeeeeeeek ?

Z1: Watched Dunkirk, Baby Driver and one sci-fi show called Valerian something ?
Y1: Conducted market research for the best Milo and cup noodles prices drink ?
A1: Ate Pezzo durian pizza ?

Stop. Head to nearest Pezzo. Buy Durian ? You’re welcome. #pezzo #pizza #durian

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News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

1. PH president wants bells from the USA ?????
2. Get your Talisman Scammer ?
3. Ghost species in saliva ?


Hollywood: Stop making live action out of anime ??

Anime/Manga References

1. Death Note
2. Bleach
3. Attack on Titans

Phrase of the Week!

On the ball
To be alert; to new ideas, methods and trends.
Don’t be dead.

Sean always completes his projects on time, really on the ball!