HAP 009 : Durian Spiderman Gold Coin Heist

This week’s episode sounds different. We are so sorry for the audio quality, you’ll never guess where we were recording from.

Our studios were full. All 3 of them. ?

This week podcast includes durians, Spiderman and Castlevania. We have a local news, an international news and an intergalactic news. Most importantly the new nasi lemak burger is out! We also realise Earth is middle class.

We’ll try the nasi lemak burger and let you know what we think next week!

What did we do the last weeeeeeeek ?

Y1: Bought durians and craved for more
Z1: Watched Spiderman Homecoming and Netflix’s Castlevania

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Gold coin heist in Berlin ?
  2. Smallest star ever discovered ⭐️
  3. McDonald’s Singapore Original: Nasi Lemak Burger + Chendol McFlurry! ??

Word of the Day

Gian (gee-yen)
To feel like having/crave

“Last night I ate Mao Shang Wang durians.”
“Wah you make me gian! Now I feel like eating some durians! ?”