HAP 008 : Batman Alien Aloe Vera NS50 Lift

New guest for episode 08! Another middle-class? T2 joins us for our discussion on middle-class McDonalds, Batman & Alien, dropping lifts, rockstar birds, poisonous aloe vera, sambal kangkung, NS50 promotions and many more truthful nonsense!

Plus: Don’t forget our word of the week segment! We have 2 words this week since they are inter-related.

What did we do last weeeeeeeek ?

Tidbit-size Summary
Y1: Ran to avoid cancer but cannot catch up
Z1: ESB (eat sleep breath)
T2: Met upperclass kid at playground, stunned
A1: Saw Alien & Batman, static bicycle update and Mercedes Benz motorcycle Food Panda

Batman and Alien! ??Bamm!! #batman #alien

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News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Hari Raya lift dropped! ⛓
  2. Rock star bird makes own drumstick and original beats ???
  3. Always double check what you are biting, even Aloe Vera! ?☠️


NS50 Discounts! Look out for the ‘We Support You in NS’ decal! ?

Words of the Week!

ULU (ooh-loo)
Term used to denote the remoteness of a place, with connotations of backwardness.

“Why you take me to Kranji this sort of ulu place?”


鳥不生蛋 (Niǎo bù shēng dàn)
A bird wouldn’t bother to lay an egg there.
Used to describe a small place of little interest; for humour rather than an insult.

“Where did you serve your in NS?”
“Wah that place really ulu leh, niao bu sheng dan!”