HAP 007 : Space Invasion Robots Cats Suaku

Meow! Did you had great long weekend? Enjoyed the rainy weather? Episode 07 is here and it’s packed with a variety of topics even we are amazed: Alien Spaceship, Lego Batman, cats, Kendo, Shunpo, Yamete! and lots more nonsense to fill you up! Man I can’t! We even have a new mini segment so plug in your EarPods and start listening!

Also remember to wear your uniform tomorrow, 30th July 2017,  for free public transport in Singapore!

What did we do last weeeeeeeek ?

  1. Lego Batman movie: Highly recommended by Y1 and Z1. ?
  2. You’ve been cheapskate waiting for this! Time to finally purchase those games you’ve been putting in your wish list at a discounted price in the Steam Summer Sale! ?
  3. There’s a spaceship hovering around in Singapore! ?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Philippines to make enthusiastic singing of national anthem mandatory
  2. 94 cats rescued from 3-room flat!?


Word of the Week!

Suaku (pronounced sooah-koo) is a slang term for a generally uncool, unworldly person who is ignorant about some topic or another. It is derived from the Hokkien dialect of Chinese, and in characters is 山龟, which translates into mountain tortoise.


“Oh I didn’t know Pizza Hut sells pizza!”
“OMG you so suaku!”