HAP 006 : No Fathers Day Free Bus Ride

We are back to 3 people! We didn’t manage to watch The Mummy and we still have yet to try LiHo’s cheese tea. Why is it that Father’s Day is not celebrated as widely as Mother’s Day?

Plus get ready your uniform to get your free bus ride on 30th June! No uniform? Borrow your husband’s! ??

What did we do over the weekeeeeeeeend? ?

It's hard to fit in.
We found this. Genius?

Mews from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. Sony says ? industry is stronger when Nintendo is strong
  2. Sony’s Zombie Game Presentation
  3. NS Men in uniform to get free public transport travel on 30 June ??


  1. Gongcha is coming back to Singapore
  2. Super Mario Odyssey


What’s an F.A.D? It stands for First Aid Dressing, usually used in the army. But seriously, what’s the point?