HAP 004 : Vegetarian Kway Chap Old Lady Road Rage

We have live audience joining us this time! Z1 went to two electronic shows in search of a pair of headphones only to be irritated by junk spinners. BTW did you know vegetarian kway chap exists? Who knew? Listen to find out where to find it.

Thanks to M1, L1 and T1 for joining us in episode 04 of the HAPAPAP podcast.

What did we do last weeeeeeeek ?

  1. 2 electronic shows on the same weekend: CEE SHOW and The PC Show
  2. Current irritating trend: Fidget Spinners + Fidget Cube
  3. Z1 recommends watching the newly released Wonder Woman movie
  4. Have you heard of the OneKM Mall? Prior to previous episode, neither did we.
  5. What is Kway Chap?

News from our Google Feeeeeeeed ?

  1. 72-year-old woman Ferrari driver punches another driver ??
  2. South Korea will raise bird flu alert to maximum ??


Apologies for the super incorrect One Piece OP singing. Listen to the real one: