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HAP 122 : Kamen Buddha Rider

HAP 122 : Kamen Buddha Rider

Bet you didn’t know last year was the Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary. Now let’s talk about that latest Rider that looks like the amulets hanging on your neck ????

We talked about Ultraman in HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 120. Now we go to the other type of superheroes in right suits.

Kamen Rider ZI-O

This is Kamen Rider ZI-O, the last Rider from the Heisei Era. Doesn’t he look cool? Check out that belt. He has the power to inherit other past Riders by inserting his own watch and other Rider’s watch; and spins it like a clock; transforming into his own version of that past Rider. Whew! What mouthful!

This is Kamen Rider ZI-O.

And this is GRAND Kamen Rider ZI-O.

Yeap there’s one on his head as well.

If you’re still reading, enjoy this video of Kamen Rider ZI-O transforming into GRAND ZI-O. Henshin!

With all that amulets on his armour, he can strike TOTO for a year straight. ????

HAP 120 : Two Dots Salted Ultra Egg

It’s all about Ultraman this week! Both the new and the old generations! Listen to HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 120 for some salted egg goodness! Shah! ????

Here’s the trailer for Ultraman Z Episode 4 that we talked about in this episode:

Did you get ultra excited? Head over to the official Ultraman Youtube Channel to watch all the new episodes from Ultraman Z and earlier!

HAP 117 : Breaking Mixer and Melody

Are you one of those people who has to go back to work? Good for you!

We talk about a famous cam girl in HAPAPAP Podcast Episode 117. Listen on your way to work!

Did you know Microsoft had a game live streaming platform? Well it’s closing down.

Also… ProjektMelody ????